Ford F250 Supercharged ECUMaster DET3

Baseline – 297 WHP / 375 FT-LB / 10PSI
Final Tune – 452 WHP / 533 FT-LB / 12PSI

Factory PCM Reflashed with Binary Editor
ECUMaster DET3 Controller

Built & Installed at Post-Haste Performance
5.4l MMR-MOD900 & Trick Flow Specialties 2v Cylinder Heads
Custom L&M Engines Camshaft, SCT MAF, 60lb Injectors, Twin Fuel Pumps
Stock “lightning” Eaton Supercharger @ 12PSI

For those of you that missed our last post – Introducing “Big White” The Supercharged Ford F250

“Big White” has been a long term project for us here at PHP. There has been a lot of ups and downs but its finally time to get it back on the road. We’ve settled for a nice round 450WHP and over 500 WTQ. Boost kept to 12PSI and its still on the Stock (H)Eaton Supercharger.  Even at this modest boost levels this build is finally starting so show some of its potential. Expect to see a Larger Supercharger with improved Charge cooling in the future.

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