We first featured this “Lightning” powered Ford F250 way back in June 2015. The lifted, big tire, 4×4 truck had been fitted with a stock Lightning Modular 5.4 Supercharged V8. It had a handful of bolt on’s but performance was always hampered by its shear mass.

Ford F250 Lightning
Baseline Dyno – Stock Lightning Block

Its been a long road when it comes to the build on this 2001 Ford F250. To say there has been some setbacks and delays on this build would be the understatement of the year! Things are now finally starting to come together and there a light at the end of the tunnel.

Today its powered by an MMR “MOD900” Forged Bottom End, TrickFlow Specialties 2V Heads & Custom Comp-Cams Camshaft designed by L&M Engines.

The engine has been broken in on our DYNOmite Chassis Dyno and is now ready be put to the test. We’re going to be Tuning the OEM PCM by flashing it with our Binary Editor setup. The stock Supercharger is going to limit overall output but we’re still expecting a nice gain over stock.

Expect to see our fresh Dyno Sheet in the next few days!

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