About Post-Haste Performance

Post-Haste Performance offers High Performance Automotive Products & Tuning with Custom Installation & Wiring services available.

We have a Fully Equipped Automotive shop with both tuning, diagnostic & repair facilities. Our “DYNO-mite” chassis dynamometer (Dyno) provides us with the platform needed to test and tune any 2 wheel drive vehicle. With its Low Inertia and High Loading capacity, it enables us to simulate a very wide range of engine loads & road speeds for true “Steady-State Tuning”

We have teamed up with manufactures such as ECUMaster and Haltech to bring you the latest in Engine Management solutions. We offer full technical support and tuning options on all products that we sell. 

ECU Re-Flashing is available on most Domestic Cars and Light Duty Trucks (Chevrolet, Chrysler & Ford) from 1998 all the way up to today. Via HP-Tuners we already have coverage for 2015 Corvette’s, Camaro’s & Mustangs.

Specific application tuning for many older GM OBD-1, Honda & Nissan ECU’s is also available with the aid of EEPROM & Daughter-board upgrades. (Hondata, Chrome, Nistune etc)

Post-Haste Performance
“…with the greatest possible speed”