Introducing the Post-Haste Performance Engine Dyno! Our new Engine Dyno is capable of Testing and Tuning Modern Muscle, Import Performance, EFI Swaps & More! Our Dyno setup is based around a DYNOmite Dynamometer Absorption unit with 28 channel Data Acquisition. The Dyno is equipped with dedicated ECUMaster EMU Black and MaxxECU Race ECU’s, a Flex Fuel ready fuel system & High Flow Intercooler. We currently have Crankshaft adaptors for the following engines. This list is being added too daily… If your engine isn’t listed, contact us! Chevrolet Big Block Chevrolet Ecotec LE5 Chevrolet GEN 3 LS Based Engines Chevrolet GEN 4 LS Based Engines ChevroletRead More →

Post-Haste Performance is glad to announce a new partnership with Automotive Performance Parts, Installation, Tuning & even Mechanical Repair can now be spread out with payment schedules of up to 60 months and a low interest rate of 14.99%. Apply Now to Find out if you’re approved in seconds. No obligation, no commitment. More →


Introducing PHP’s all new, DYNOmite DynamometerEddy Brake 2WD Chassis Dyno! Introducing our fresh new Dyno Bay that now houses our BRAND NEW, Medium Inertia, Eddy Current “Load Bearing” 2WD Chassis Dyno from Land & Sea Dynamometers.  The biggest change for the new Dyno is that it’s been equipped with a large 20″ Roller with machined in “Traction Grooves” giving excellent traction capability for high horsepower vehicles. The rollers Medium Inertia still allows for excellent “Steady State Load Tuning” which is essential for any street driven vehicle.  The Dyno can be run in true “Inertia Mode” for basic HP & Torque Calculations, “Steady State” for tuningRead More →

It was way back in August 2016 that we first strapped down Jeff Minnion’s JZX110 to our Dyno for some Diagnostic Testing. Jeff came to us with the suspicion that his freshly imported 2001 Toyota MK2 JZX110 was having some knock issues. Sure enough whenever we added some load to our Dyno-Mite Chassis Dyno, that ever distinctive crackle came booming down through our Audio Monitoring system. We were never comfortable enough to even complete a power run that day – we had some work to do. Fast forward to May 2017 and Jeff was back ready to tackle the Knock, and try and get aRead More →


April 2017 (Week 15) @ Post-Haste Performance Turbo Civic D16Z6 @ Post-Haste Performance #PHPChilliwack We spent some time with Ray Eder’s 1989 Honda Civic this week. It’s a 1989 “EF” Honda Civic with a fully built D16Z6 Vtec engine. Its been off of the road for several years so we had to do some shake down runs and give everything a general service.Read More →


Introducing the ECUMaster EMU Black, Standalone ECU and the ECUMaster PMU16, Power Management Units. ECUMaster EMU Black: March Sale just $1099USD  For More Info & or to Make a Purchase – More features than ever before. More Ignition and Injector outputs (x8), More Inputs, On-Board Drive-by-Wire support, CAN-BUS & More, More, More… ECUMaster EMU Original: March Sale just $799USD  For More Info & or to Make a Purchase – Now even better value for money – EMU has been tried and tested to be THE BEST bang for the buck when it comes to Standalone EFI. ECUMaster PMU16 & PMU16-DL:  For More Info & or to MakeRead More →