“Pumkin Smash” was a local drifting event hosted by Capital Drift, at Western Speedway, over the Halloween weekend in October.

PHP was there in full force (Children and all!). It would be our last event of the season and most importantly the last planned event with our Sponsored Driver – Sedrick Skabar. It was an event we very nearly missed due to our recent change of location! (Read More) Luckily everything came together and we we’re able to make the full weekend, both helping out in the pits and getting some media coverage of the event.

Sedrick did an excellent job all weekend and we we’re very proud that he was out there representing for us. His driving skills improve with every event and we’d say that he was one of the most aggressively attacking drivers on track all weekend. PHP had recently installed some Modified Knuckles for more him and his Manji down the back straight was something that caught out some of the other drivers (and as a Passenger, me too!) but was just showed that Sedrick was there to Drift, and Drift everything he did.

It was our second time over a Capital Drift event and we’d like to say a HUGE thank you for their hospitality and for putting on a yet another great event. Our kids we’re super excited to show off their Fancy Dress and everyone was very welcoming.

Both days we’re packed with action and we did what we can to capture just some of it. There was a lot of media out there including Marcus Vandenberg from hugely popular Roads Untraveled YouTube channel. If you’ve not yet subscribed to their channel make sure you check it out at . Their production work is second to none and its great to get an insight into both the local car scene and builds.

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