Introducing PHP’s all new, DYNOmite Dynamometer
Eddy Brake 2WD Chassis Dyno!

Introducing our fresh new Dyno Bay that now houses our BRAND NEW, Medium Inertia, Eddy Current “Load Bearing” 2WD Chassis Dyno from Land & Sea Dynamometers. 

The biggest change for the new Dyno is that it’s been equipped with a large 20″ Roller with machined in “Traction Grooves” giving excellent traction capability for high horsepower vehicles. The rollers Medium Inertia still allows for excellent “Steady State Load Tuning” which is essential for any street driven vehicle. 

The Dyno can be run in true “Inertia Mode” for basic HP & Torque Calculations, “Steady State” for tuning MBT Spark & Fuel, and “Ramp Tests” that combine the two to perform an acceleration test at a controlled rate.

The setup is rounded out with a full 28 Channel Data Acquisition Controller with Weather Station. Our usual DAQ inputs include Lambda, Vac/Boost, RPM & Speed. Other options we have are Air & Fuel Flow Sensors, 8ch EGT, Pressure Sensors & More.

**Now with ECUMaster Direct Dyno Connection**
This allows us to log data directly from an ECUMaster EMU Classic or EMU Black. Your Dyno chart can include things like IAT, Coolant Temp, Knock Level & More!

For those of you that are local, we welcome you to come by check it out! Our Dyno is in use most days so there’s a good chance you’ll get to see it in action…

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