Victoria Day 2016

PHP attended Capital Drift Round 2 at Western Speedway in Langford, BC with Sedrick Skabar in his 1992, 1JZ powered Toyota Soarer.  This was the first event of the year for Sedrick and also the first chance to do some testing after his recent swap from stock twins to a single turbo setup. We were all excited to see what the day would bring.

Preparations for the event included general fluid checks, refueling, fine tuning of his ECU Master DET3 Map but focused mainly around stickers. We knew that stickers we’re essential to successful drifting so both cars we’re loaded up.

The PHP Aristo #PHPJZS147 went as a support vehicle, carrying tires, tools spares & large supply of caffeine drinks. It was a 5am start for us. Sedrick was already waiting at the ferry terminal by that point but his 2hr wait did save him nearly $15 in reservation fee’s. (Sedrick Logic)

Drifting started just after 10 and would continue for the rest of the day. Sedrick initially struggled with some technical issues. The Automatic transmission would seem to go into Neutral if it “kicked down” and one of the intercooler hoses refused to stay put and would blow off half way around the track. We managed to fix the Intercooler hose but the transmission was beyond us for this event. We did some adjustment to the line pressure which helped but it wasn’t a fix – this is on our to-do list.

In Heat 1 of the Competition Sedrick’s competitor had to forfeit and Sedrick was shifted through to the 2nd Heat. It was during the 2nd Heat, when the pressure was on, that Sedrick was able to pull off his best run of the day – The car worked and his driving was on point. He easily won his heat and would move through to Heat 3, where an unfortunate spinout would see the end of his event.

We have a lot of work to do in setting up the Transmission in a way that works best for Sedrick and as of right now we’re not entirely sure what direction we’ll end up going. I would hope that we have something in the works in the near future and are able to get back to an event soon.

PHP would like to thank everyone at Capital Drift – all the event staff and organisers. It was the first CAP-D event that we had been too and can’t wait to return. The atmosphere was very chilled, yet managed to keep a professional and safe environment for everyone involved. There was a huge diversity of cars and a great mutual respect shown by everyone.

Please check out our Facebook Gallery for our event photo’s



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