Post-Haste Performance

NEW PRICE of $799! USD The ECUMaster EMU has always been a very competitively priced fully featured Standalone ECU. We’re now able to offer the Original EMU standalone ECU at just $799USD. We have them in stock and ready to ship out anywhere in Canada. Collection and Installation & Dyno Tuning is available from our shop in Chilliwack, BC. For more details or to make a purchase please see: More → ‎ “Pumkin Smash” was a local drifting event hosted by Capital Drift, at Western Speedway, over the Halloween weekend in October. PHP was there in full force (Children and all!). It would be our last event of the season and most importantly the last planned event with our Sponsored Driver – Sedrick Skabar. It was an event we very nearly missed due to our recent change of location! (Read More) Luckily everything came together and we we’re able to make the full weekend, both helping out in the pits and getting some media coverage of the event. Sedrick did an excellent job all weekend and we we’reRead More →

PHP - Chilliwack BC

As of the 1st of November we are now open in our new location in Chilliwack. We’re now just moments from Highway 1 off of the Lickman Road exit. Facilities in our new shop already include the DYNO-Mite 2WD Chassis Dyno, 12,000lb Drive on Hoist and Wiring/Installation bay. Shortly we’ll be adding a Waiting/Viewing area upstairs with good, safe, visibility of the Dyno Bay. We hope to that some of our familiar faces will come and check the shop out and we’re very excited to catch up with some of our new “locals”. Post-Haste Performance 8523 Aitken Road – #7 Chilliwack, BC V2R 3W8Read More →

Drift Union’s #DUM16 ran through the weekend of September 3nd and 4th. PHP we’re in attendance on Sunday to snap some pictures and help out with a few of our local drivers, car issues. We’d highly recommend the trip to anyone. The Okanagan and its people are always welcoming and there’s lots to do, for those of all ages. Click the Link below to see the full album. All Photo’s we’re taken with our Canon T2i Please while your there, take a moment to Like Our Page and Tag your friends. #DUM16 FULL ALBUMRead More →

Post-Haste Performance Dyno Session

Not every car that gets strapped down to our Chassis Dyno is there for a Performance Tune or Power Run. Its often forgotten that a Chassis Dyno is not only a Tuning Tool but also a very capable Diagnostics device. In this instance our customer contacted us with the suspicion that their Toyota JZX110 car was “Pinging” or “Knocking” under load even with Chevron’s 94 Octane (AKI)  fuel. Our Dyno is setup with an Air Fuel Ratio (wideband) gauge as well as a Audible Knock Monitoring system and it didn’t take us long to confirm that the VVTi 1JZ-GTE was indeed suffering from “Knock” when load wasRead More →

ECUMaster EMU T04R

#PHPJZS147 Finally got a full Dyno Tune! Final Numbers are 480WHP & 430WTQ Our Aristo is setup with an ECUMaster EMU. We have now dialed in some of the EMU’s more advanced features such as Dual Knock Control, Boost Control and Wideband Closed Loop Fueling. Our power goals were set very early on in the build for a daily, reliable 450WHP. We we’re able to reach and slightly surpass our goals with around 18PSI of boost running 94 Octane Pump Gas. So far the Automatic Transmission has held up to the power but this is most likely the weakest link – Only time will tell how long that lasts. FutureRead More →

Ford F250 Supercharged ECUMaster DET3

Baseline – 297 WHP / 375 FT-LB / 10PSI Final Tune – 452 WHP / 533 FT-LB / 12PSI Factory PCM Reflashed with Binary Editor ECUMaster DET3 Controller Built & Installed at Post-Haste Performance 5.4l MMR-MOD900 & Trick Flow Specialties 2v Cylinder Heads Custom L&M Engines Camshaft, SCT MAF, 60lb Injectors, Twin Fuel Pumps Stock “lightning” Eaton Supercharger @ 12PSI For those of you that missed our last post – Introducing “Big White” The Supercharged Ford F250 “Big White” has been a long term project for us here at PHP. There has been a lot of ups and downs but its finally time to get it backRead More →