PHP JZ/RB High Performance Coil-On-Plug Kit

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Post-Haste Performance Direct COP upgrade for Toyota JZ/7M and Nissan RB engines.

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This Post-Haste Performance Direct COP upgrade is a cost effective way to upgrade the Ignition System on most Toyota JZ/7M and Nissan RB engines. Our harness’s are made from high quality “Tefzel” wire and comes terminated with the popular DT/DTM Deutsch connectors.

Each Kit Includes:

1x PHP Coil Harness
1x DTM Connector
1x DT Connector
6x Denso Ignition Coils

Wiring the harness into the vehicle can be done by splicing into an existing OEM harness. The 6 Trigger wires are to be connected to the ECU (Ignition Modules Bypassed). Lastly a 12v Ign (Fused) and Ground.

These coils are a good fit on Most JZ/RB applications but often require the removal or modification of any Coil Covers. These Coils require no Hold-Down bracket and are a simple Push-To-Seat installation.

Tested at 30PSI + at over 1000WHP
Suggested Max Dwell of 2.5ms @ 12v
Typical Dwell start point of 1.8ms @ 12v

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 18 in


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