Dual H-Bridge Module

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The CAN H-Bridge device contains two independent H-Bridges with over-current and short circuit protection, capable of 10A continuous current and 30A peak current. H-Bridges can be controlled via device inputs or CAN bus messages.

  • Voltage range: 6V – 28V (12V and 24V automotive installations)
  • Output current: 10A continuous, 30A peak
  • 4 analogue (0-5V) / digital (35Hz – 200Hz PWM) inputs
  • Output PWM: 12bit 3.9kHz

The CAN H-Bridge device can be used to supply protected low side (GND) or high side (VBat) supply independently to each of 4 outputs for bidirectional DC motor control. Low side outputs can be PWM modulated on per-bridge basis.

Common use cases are:

  • Power windows
  • High current electronic throttle body amplifier

The dual H-Bridge device must be programmed using a CAN interface. The ECUMaster USB to CAN, Kvaser, or Peak PCAN may be used.


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