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The Elite 750 is an entry-level ECU offering many features available on the more advanced Elite ECUs at an affordable price. Featuring a robust, environmentally sealed, waterproof case, 6 fuel and ignition channels, on-board data logging and flex fuel tuning the Elite 750 is a powerful, compact ECU.

The Elite 750 ECU is powered by the Elite Software Programmer (ESP) – a powerful yet intuitive software that brings with it levels of functionality and ease of use never seen before in an engine control package.


Elite 750 at a glance:

Product: Elite 750 ECU
Part Number: HT-150600
MSRP (North America): USD $1199
RRP (Australia inc GST): AUD $1495
On Sale: March 2016



• Waterproof Case (IP67)
• 34 Position AMP connector
• 6 x Fuel Injection Outputs
• 6 x Ignition Outputs
• 5 x Digital Outputs
• 5 x Analogue Voltage Inputs
• 2 x Digital Pulsed Inputs
• USB Laptop Communications up to 1 MB/s
• 2 x Engine Position Inputs with extensive trigger type support
• ESP Calibration Software – Intuitive and easy to use
• CAN Bus communication for Haltech CAN Expansion
• User definable tables
• Multi-fuel Support – Support for Petrol (Gasoline), LPG, Methanol and Ethanol
• E85 Flex Fuel Ready – Direct connection to sensor
• Closed Loop 02 Control
• On-board Data Logging
• ECU comes fully enabled, no additional charges for advanced features
• 1 to 8 Cylinder engines or 1 to 3 rotor engines
• Normally aspirated or forced induction
• Load sensing by Throttle Position (TPS), Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) or Mass Air Flow (MAF)
• In-built 29PSI MAP Sensor
• Sequential, semi sequential, batch or multipoint injection patterns
• Distributor ignition systems, multi-coil systems or Haltech Multiplex CDI systems

Inputs and Outputs:

Fuel Injectors: 6 x Peak & Hold injector drivers
Ignition: 6 x Over current protected ignition drivers
Analogue Voltage Inputs : 5 x Analogue Voltage Inputs
Synchronised Pulsed Inputs: 2
Digital Pulsed Outputs : 5 x over-current protected low side pulsed outputs
Internal MAP Sensor : 3 Bar internal MAP sensor
Supports up to 200Kpa of boost (2Bar/29psi)


Technical Specifications:

Input Supply Voltage : 8VDC to 16VDC
Output Sensor Supply Maximum Current Ratings:
5V Supply: 100mAMax

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