April 2017 (Week 15) @ Post-Haste Performance

Turbo Civic D16Z6 @ Post-Haste Performance #PHPChilliwack

We spent some time with Ray Eder’s 1989 Honda Civic this week. It’s a 1989 “EF” Honda Civic with a fully built D16Z6 Vtec engine. Its been off of the road for several years so we had to do some shake down runs and give everything a general service. We installed a new AEM Water/Meth system and dialed the tune back in with a new GM 3 Bar MAP sensor. We still have some things to work on but its great to see this build finally hit the road. Hopefully we’ll have some more media updates over the next couple of weeks – This thing hauls on the street!


1989 EF Honda Civic
D16Z6 Turbo
Hondata S300 ECU
Garrett T3 / BRMS Turbo Manifold
AEM Water/Meth Injection

Post-Haste Performance


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